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About Us


When I'm little kids I always saw my mum cooking and baking, teaching the neighbour her recipe and dad will be the judges. Since then I know I will be good cooks and baker like her, she using old stove using fire and bake her sponge cake and still until now taste like childhood since kids mum always taught me to bake anything from your heart and give so much love to the dishes that you cooking. 

Lilly was born in Malaysia and been moving to Australia for the past 6 years. Welcome to my world of douceur!

But that's a whole other story. I was born and raised in Malaysia Previously I worked as a Client Service Officer in Banking Industry and Restaurant Manager. I lived in Melbourne with my husband, “He’s the absolute greatest,”. Helping me to succeed even requires his time, energy, effort and perhaps sacrifice on his part.

I am an entirely self-taught baker, savoury and dessert enthusiast. It's my personal mission to learn all I can about baking and show you my cake business journey. Most important the produce I get from our local farmers and other states will give you quality, sassy and best cakes ever. I truly hope Lilly Love Cakes can serve as idea and your favourite dessert shop. I'm thankful you're here to join my baking adventure.